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bf2statistics and minimods compatibility

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by Inslaber, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Inslaber

    Inslaber New Member

    Hello all

    Will bf2statistics work with the BF2SP64 minimod?

  2. hawk

    hawk Member

    Haven't tried BF2P64 but it should it works with aintent and other mods
  3. shx03597

    shx03597 New Member

    Generally it works with all mods, but as some vehicles ,weapons are new they arent in the constants.py , so I doubt that if they have different names (types) you wont get some of the awards requiring special equipment , e.g. basic helicopter badge/ribbons ant the like. But anyway, there are plenty of maps with the standard namings in which you shouldn´t have any problems.
  4. shadow42

    shadow42 Member

    That's right. It should work, but it won't records all stats as most modes change the names of ojects in the games (maps, vehicles, weapons, armies, kits, etc...).

    If you are fealling keen, just edit the constants.py file to include the new names. With the exception of Armies, you can just add new items in and assign them a standard catergory. Just follow the structure in the file...
  5. gf69

    gf69 New Member

    I run a bf2sp64 mod but I didn't download it as a mod. What I did was got the bf2sp64 map pack (the 138mb one on bf singleplayer) . I made a copy of my mods/bf2 directory and named it bf2sp64 and extracted the levels to that directory. They are stock maps that have been navmeshed for 64 player coop so they work just fine with bf2statistics. This works both client and serverside. For you linux server owners out there after doing this serverside you will notice some map folders have a Server.zip AND a server.zip (note the uppercase S and lowercase s). Check all your map folders and any one that has two files IN THE SAME FOLDER WITH THE SAME NAME, delete the lowercase one then run lowercasedir.py (your new best friend) on the mods/bf2sp64/levels folder.