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  1. Iceymidgit

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    i have set this up on my linux server along with a bf2 server and the website seems to bee working but in the server list the server doesn't show up also it will not let me create an online account it says server refused connection.

    Client side i'm using Battlefield 2 GameSpy Redirector, i have tried BF2statisticsClientLauncher also

    any thoughts or suggestions would be great .

    ASP test comes back with

    > Checking Config File...
    - Config File Writable (system/config/config.php): Pass
    > Checking Database Config...
    - Database Connection ( Pass
    - Database version (2.2.0): Pass
    > Checking Log Files...
    - Stats Debug Log File Writable (system/logs/stats_debug.log): Pass
    - Admin Log File Writable (system/logs/admin_event.log): Pass
    - Merge Players Log File Writable (system/logs/merge_players.log): Pass
    - Validate Awards Log File Writable (system/logs/validate_awards.log): Pass
    - Validate Ranks Log File Writable (system/logs/validate_ranks.log): Pass
    > Checking SNAPSHOT Storage Path...
    - SNAPSHOT Temporary Path Writable (system/snapshots/temp): Pass
    - SNAPSHOT Processed Path Writable (system/snapshots/processed): Pass
    > Checking Database Backup Storage Path...
    - Backup Path Writable (var/ / /ASP/system/database/backups/): Fail
    > Checking Remote URL Functions...
    - Remote URL Function Exist ('FOPEN'): Pass
    > Checking BF2Statistics Processing...
    - BF2Statistics Processing Check: Pass
    > Checking Gamespy (.aspx) File Basic Response...
    - Gamespy (.aspx) Basic Response: Pass
    > Checking Gamespy (.aspx) File Advanced Responses...
    - Gamespy (.aspx) Advanced (1) Response: Pass
    - Gamespy (.aspx) Advanced (2) Response: Pass
    - Gamespy (.aspx) Advanced (3) Response: Pass
    -> Remove Test Player Data: Pass
    -> Server Info (TST7490383235b530f1816a7e) removed from Table (servers): Warn
    -> Map Info (999) removed from Table (mapinfo): Pass
    -> Map Info (999) removed from Table (round_history): Pass
  2. Iceymidgit

    Iceymidgit New Member

    ok in the server table for db i had to change this `lastupdate` datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',

    to this lastupdate` datetime NOT NULL default '2016-01-02 03:04:0', and it worked so now i can see my server in ASP.

    still can't create a online account tho and can't seem to get bf2sclone to work either .
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