Bf2sclone v3?

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by kjhedges, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Good afternoon.

    Just a question on the possible due date for BF2sclone V3 to go with the BF2Statistics v3.0

    I know that the beta is only just out, but just wondering if worth waiting for now until you release or to get one of my boys to create an alternative for using now.

    Anyway, I anxiously await for the release of BF2sclone V3 and thank you again for all your work in the BF2Statistics system.
  2. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    BF2sclone v3 will use the same core and much of the same code as the ASP. With that said, once ASP v3 is in a releasable state, then producing BF2sclone v3 will be a piece of cake and take very little time. I just don't want to start just yet due to some pending code changes in the ASP.
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  3. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    guys, any news on this?
  4. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Hi, I dont believe that this will arrive any time yet, as I believe that the stats are still being worked on as they still Beta.

    If you are interested in a temporary BF2sclone, you can edit the current version of BF2sclone to make it work with Stats 3 Beta. If you dont have the knowledge for this and cannot get anyone to help, please PM me and I will try to help out.

    We have a temporary edited BF2sclone running at
  5. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member


    no, I can work with php and mysql. I've just started digging into old version to work with 3, there are outdated php functions like mysql_connect instead of mysqli_connect and so on, but this is not a big problem. Problem is that ASP 3 version uses different field names. e.g. old version looking for "rank" field in "player" table, but there no such thing....
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  6. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    This is the thing my son and I done. We basically renamed all relevant requests, map_id ect and update some code for fewer requests ect.

    Also added some code to request the rising star badge and promotions ect. But the basics are just bf2sclone.

    Like I say, we only have ours for a temporary solution until these guys here at BF2Statistics come out with their version, which Im sure will be much better than what we achieve from the old BF2sclone.
  7. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    yep, that's what makes me think twice before I'll start changing whole database structure based on old script or vice versa...
  8. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    You dont need to change anything in the database structure for bf2sclone

    Its only the old bf2sclone web pages that are edited to suit bf2stats v3 database
  9. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    thanks man I really appreciate! I don't know what I could do without your help
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  10. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Hey man, Im just here at right time to be able to help in any way I can.
  11. mpgram

    mpgram New Member

    Anyone have any updates on this by chance? I know it has been a few years. :)
  12. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    No news from the man in charge, but my son and I are working on bf2sclone to work with bf2stats3 and aix2 reality
  13. Sunnyghost

    Sunnyghost Member

    I am using XAMPP 7.2.34 on MS Server 2016. BF2Statistics is working fine but BF2sclone is not compatible with PHP 7. Is there someone who is able to make the neccesary changes to make it work with PHP 7?
    I already used PHPstorm to change some settings but can''t get it to work. I am not familiar with PHP :(

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