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bf2sclone actual version download?

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by wutzmann, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. wutzmann

    wutzmann New Member

    Know enyone where to download the actual version of bf2sclone?

    Look at http://bf2s.com/player/43596155/

    scroll down there are a point named "Time To Advancement" to my knowledge its new!
  2. wutzmann

    wutzmann New Member

    Sorry, link was wrong (danke für den Hinweis Thinner).

    Correctly lin set in Post 1!
  3. Pheps

    Pheps Member

    The one we got here is made by lumo the orginal are made by Jeff Minard
  4. wutzmann

    wutzmann New Member

    Cant find any Download of the version from Jeff Minard.

    There are so many goodies i miss in the old version!

    PS Pheps, when can we get the new NukeMod V1.2? Hope soon!
  5. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    Don't mix it up. BF2S was created by Jeff Minard. But it's copyrighted so you will not find an official download link. That's the reason i think lumo created BF2SClone. Although design is nearly the same they are totally independent developments.
  6. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    @Wutzmann: Here we go. Download this archive http://home.arcor.de/thinner/public/bf2sclone_ttafix.zip and copy content to your bf2sclone directory. Have fun. ;-)
  7. wutzmann

    wutzmann New Member

    Great Thinner,

    wow thanks for your work.

    Looks very pretty :)
  8. wutzmann

    wutzmann New Member

  9. wutzmann

    wutzmann New Member

  10. Ryuop

    Ryuop Member

    I have install BFsclone and it´s working, but when I do a mouseover awards or unlocks I just seeing a picture ripped in half. I wonder if there is a solution to this. Thanks.
  11. BamBam

    BamBam New Member

    Hey Wutzmann greath work,
    where can I download the version?
  12. Ryuop

    Ryuop Member

    Found it download it from here http://depositfiles.com/files/6189171
    password is havoc77
    But it´s in Russia.
  13. wutzmann

    wutzmann New Member

    Here ist the Link http://wutzmann.space4free.net/bf2.7z

    Please note! I reduced the points to 10% of the official score. To get the highest rank, is a maximum play time of 60 hours required.

    Read german FAQ at http://wutzmann.wu.funpic.de/bf2/ "Info / Search"
  14. Leon_tbk

    Leon_tbk Member

    Hallo Wutzmann,
    der Link funktioniert nicht. !drool
  15. Stammi

    Stammi New Member

    also bei mir funzt er o_O

    Hab dir mal ne PN geschickt ;)
  16. wutzmann

    wutzmann New Member

    Hier noch die passende constants.py


    und die medal_data.py

  17. Ryuop

    Ryuop Member

    Thanks Wutzmann. Great job.
  18. Leon_tbk

    Leon_tbk Member


    Danke der Link funktioniert bei mir jetzt auch wieder, aber die PN ist nicht angekommen.

  19. agp8x

    agp8x New Member

    Ich hab den Anzeigefehler mit der Map-listen behoben und die andern Mod-Nationen auch noch eingefügt, wenn Wutzmann nichts dagegen hat, kann ich es ja mal uppen.

  20. wutzmann

    wutzmann New Member

    Ich habe die Stats nicht geschrieben, sondern nur modifiziert! Es steht jedem frei sie so zu ändern, wie er es wünscht!