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bf2142 privat statistics...

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by kosh, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. kosh

    kosh New Member

    I finished the first part of work... :D
    for testing the following is required

    1. update game to v1.20

    2. add to etc/hosts
    Code:    stella.prod.gamespy.com    eapusher.dice.se    bf2142-pc.fesl.ea.com    stella.available.gamespy.com    gpcm.gamespy.com    stella.ms5.gamespy.com
    3. download this
    *Admin edit*
    or this
    *Admin edit* with NOCD
    and copy to gamedir
    4. start the game by my client
    5. registr account (original accounts by EA not accessible)
    6. connect to server "UAGAMES" (statistics are activated not on all of servers in a serverlist)

    p.s. round starts by 1 player
  2. Jokersad

    Jokersad New Member

    Fine to see you´re working on private statistics. Can everyone use it on a lan-party when it´s finished ?

    I´ve been searching many hours for such a private stats to use it on out LAN Partys.

    Please give me a answer.

    Thanx and respect to you ...

  3. kosh

    kosh New Member

    Privat statistics are based from three parts:
    1. the base of statistics (MYSQL)
    2. pithon`s scripts on a server and modified EXE for client.
    3. server of authorizing (working with accounts, but not with playing chars)

    First two will be accessible to all after beta-test on my server.
    Last is a server of authorizing I will not be able in the near time to diffuse, because there is large probability to injure the base of EA.
    Though my system is fully independent of EA and can work even without the use of the internet, the wrong setting of the system can result in unpleasant consequences.

    But if you will be use first two with my server of authorizing wia internet - you will get the separate statistics for lan-party.
  4. Jokersad

    Jokersad New Member

    hey, many thanks for your quick reply ;-)

    i think we dont need a "server of authorizing". on our lan´s we play with offline profiles. is that a problem ?

    mysql server seems no problem to me ( needed by every stats i used before )
    python scripts is ok ( is it like bf2 python scripts ??? )

    question: is there a web ( php ) frontend to show stats results ?


  5. hurr1k4ne

    hurr1k4ne Member

    no way to use unlocks with offline accounts

    so he and we are working to have a private authentication system
  6. Jokersad

    Jokersad New Member

    sorry, did i understood anything wrong ?

    - we dont need an authentication system because we play with offline profiles on lan partys and take unlocks from ffolkes

    - we are searching for an simple private stats that counts our points at the end of every round

    - it would be very nice to see the results on a web based frontend

    we dont need more. is it possible with the stats you have ?

    i count on you ...

    thx joker
  7. kosh

    kosh New Member

    a great deal will be not accessible without authorizing, but possibility to utillize offline accounts in statistics will be realized in the future
    yes, like bf2 python scripts (i will be honest - i utillized for base researches exactly bf2statistics's scripts)
    it does not exist now
  8. Jokersad

    Jokersad New Member

    that sounds not good for me. i hoped to get quick a little stats for our lan partys. but now i think i have to wait.

    what do you think when it will be finished ? one two three month ?

    what i need:

    python script ( write log files at the end of every round from offline players/profiles )

    script wich imports the log files into a mysql database

    php or asp web frontend to display the results

    did anyone know if something like this exists ?

    please help me !!!

  9. kosh

    kosh New Member

    try: http://battlefield2.sk/viewtopic.php?t=5182
  10. sharok

    sharok Member

    This site is awesome. I am really impressed by the efforts of the community here. Ambassador Kosh, you rock.

    I seem to recall EA declaring a while ago that they would be delivering servers that allow private stats. Do you have any info on that ?
  11. Jokersad

    Jokersad New Member

    @Ambassador Kosh: i think tubar´s stats isn´t right for me. we dont have a online connection on our lan-partys. so we cant use tubers stats. i need it all localy on my server ( python script, mysql, web frontend ).

    can anyone build an private offline stats ?

    plz do it ... ;-) we need it ( and others too )

    greets Joker
  12. rch7953

    rch7953 New Member

    yes, I would love to have 2142 private stats as well.
  13. weaklinks

    weaklinks New Member

    not going to happen
  14. kosh

    kosh New Member

  15. Al_Capone

    Al_Capone New Member

    Okay thats in russian, any translations for that ???
  16. kosh

    kosh New Member

    That it is needed to know and have:
    1. The station must be under windows (but there is possibility of start and on the *nix systems)
    2. A server must have full inet-conections
    3. On a server must be opened the followings ports:
    17567 ("game-port" or such as set in conf)
    29900("gamespy-port" for server-status)
    4. Battlefield2142 server version 1.25 (with NS opt.)
    5. BF2142CC not support yet... =(




    1. Add to the end in /mods/bf2142/settings/ServerSettings.con

    sv.ranked 1
    sv.provider 10011
    sv.region AT
    sv.type 1
    sv.globRank 1
    sv.globUnlocks 1

    2. Copy file hosts (in arch) in /windows/system32/drivers/etc

    3. Copy file BF2142_w32ded_1.25_1p.exe (in arch) in game-server dir

    4. Copy python dir (in arch) to the game-server dir (not forget backup original)

    5. Server run with next parm "+ranked 1 +provider 10011 +region AT +type 1"

    6. And last - contact with me on kosh@fasty.net or in ICQ 624074
    and write IP server, game-port and gamespy-port(I will add him to the db)
    Nobody will be able to be connected to the server without that steps

    Clent - part:
    Download the client:
    *Admin edit*
    while only here:
    not complete yet... =(
  17. Al_Capone

    Al_Capone New Member

    Thanxx Ambassador Kosh.

    I have a another question.
    It is possible to set up a server in a lan only like bf2statistics.
    We play often big lans, but there are no i-net connection available. Can i set up my own server with database???

    Best Regards AL
  18. kosh

    kosh New Member

  19. Jokersad

    Jokersad New Member

    Hi @ all, nice to see that something happens here ...

    But why is it so hard to create a Stats Recorder without internet connection ?
    In BF2 it works fine. We dont need the unlock system at lan partys. Only a stats
    recorder counts for us.

    Please do it for all the lan player around the world !!!

  20. onigirikunn

    onigirikunn New Member

    I hope all files are open to the public.
    I think that development makes progress without the mistake if all files were
    opened to the public. Please open it to the public by all means. !nuetral