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Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by kjhedges, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Hi, I have a question with regards to the Rising Star Award.

    Is it possible to have the Rising Star details saved from month to month.

    I wish to add to the playerstats pages if someone has ever been awarded Rising Star and when.

    I cant seem to find any stored information with regards Rising Star other than the current months calculations.

  2. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    The rising star is a weekly endevor, though this can be modified to be whatever timespan you want. There isn't a way to store its results currently for later and would require some code changes. It would also eat up a lot of database space :p
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  3. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Thanks for your replay.

    My mistake on typing monthly and not weekly.

    I had a chat with my son about this aswell. He said that he will run a cron up to take the current weeks rising star, store them and date them and add then add the query code and such to the playerstats on bf2sclone.

    This way, it will save only the rising star PID and the date earned. thus very few database additions. This will also not affect any further update on the bf2 stats.


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