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bf2 signature

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by rebz01, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. rebz01

    rebz01 New Member

    i downloaded and ftp'd the bf2 signature to my server and i look up my sigs and i t loads fine but if i refresh the page or try to use it i get nothing

    http://tehclan.net/bf2sig/sig.php?id=264609321 any idea what the problem is/could be?

    it has created the xml files for each user but it just doesnt want to load them after the initial load

    this page loaded the sigs once
  2. rebz01

    rebz01 New Member

    i changed it to '/statsxml' and it worked again but when i refreshed they was gone :(

    i have a temporary fix but i dont like it
    i have set it to grab stats from the server to 10 seconds instead of 6hrs because it wont load from cache at all
  3. rebz01

    rebz01 New Member

  4. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    If you are using PHP >= 5.2 add the following line in config.php after initial
  5. rebz01

    rebz01 New Member

    u are amazin lol

    ty bug fixed and now i can set it back to 6hours instead of 10seconds lol

    thanks a bunch mate ^^


    but we already know im never satisfied lol
    how do i get the overall kill death ratio on the sig i have read the readme and i cant find what to add.

    i pormise ill stop askin what may seem like stupid questions after this ;)
  6. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    You have to change /themes/default/theme.php
    goto line 101 and change
    $award_y = 112;
    $award_y = 124;

    and goto line 175 and uncomment and change
    //imagestring($image_out, 2, 10, 64, "KDR: ".round($namedstats['kill']/$namedstats['deth'], 1), $white);
    imagestring($image_out, 2, 10, 112, "KDR: ".round($namedstats['kill']/$namedstats['deth'], 1), $white);
  7. rebz01

    rebz01 New Member

    that worx =] ty

    lmao i lied about havin no more questions :(

    is there a way to..
    1) show kdr on bf2statistics
    2) get rid of bronze/silver medals when you have the gold?
  8. rebz01

    rebz01 New Member

    i added
    Kill/Death ratio
    to player.php but it just says n/a
    and i cant find any way to get rid of old badges when you get the new one
  9. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    kdr is not a valid key, try this one:

    echo number_format( $stats->getstat('kill') / $stats->getstat('deth'), 2 )


    printf( "%.2f", $stats->getstat('kill') / $stats->getstat('deth') )
  10. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    for awards open player.php

    replace this:
  11. rebz01

    rebz01 New Member

    works great thank you both fixesworked a treat

    lol i tried to do the kdr part myself maybe i should stick to askin questions im good at that :D
  12. rebz01

    rebz01 New Member

    one of the guys in our newly started multi-gamin community is well impressed with the stats system and pointed out that the badges they dont have should be viewable but greyed out

    like the unlocks at the bottom
    is there a way to do this also?

    I apologise for the never endin questions :|
  13. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    This is a little bit too much work. Try another webfrontend.
  14. rebz01

    rebz01 New Member

    lmao its all good i personally like this 1 the way it is now

    ur help has been appreciated