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    This is a small, but slightly annoying problem.

    Has anyone have had any luck with getting Euro Special Service Medal, Euro Forces Service Ribbon and North American Service Ribbon showing up in BFHQ when playing with 1.41 version of BF2? I can see in the asp that I and many of the bots have recieved the awards, but it's not showing up in BFHQ.

    Does anyone know of a workaround?
    Do they even show correctly show up in BFHQ in patch 1.5?

    Some coming day I will reinstall BF2 complete v1.41 with the booster packs, then transfer as many files as possible from 1.5 to see if that fixes it. I will update this if I find something. In the meantime, please answer if you know a way :)

    Update 1: I also suddenly remembered I have 1.5 installed and logged in there. The idea being that with a 1.5 version of the game, the booster awards would cprrectly show up. But no. No sight of NA ribbon, EU ribbon or EU medal :/ Frustrating. That makes me think that even a complete reinstall with booster packs will not help. Has anyone with a 1.5 version the awards I talk about visible in BFHQ? Were the awards even visible in the real game back in the day?? I'm obsessed with fixing this now, but if it's fundamentally fubar then it's hopeless.

    Update 2: False alarm. The medals are only shown if you start in bf2. If you start in xpack, the medals won't appear. It's pretty strange, but that's how it is. There is a sliver of logic considering that the booster packs are only playable through bf2, but at the same time all the other bf2 awards are viewable in xpack BFHQ.

    So in the end they are viewable in BFHQ, though not through xpack, which I admit still annoys me, but not as much as not being able to view them in any version of BFHQ :D I will try a couple of things first to see if it will make it display them, but I doubt it.

    Final update: I've found the solution.
    1. Open up xpack's menu_server.
    2. Head to\External\FlashMenu
    3. Open awards.con
    4. Add swiffHost.addAward 0 2270521 0 97 "bf2" under the medals list.
    5. Add both these under ribbons list
    swiffHost.addAward 2 3271401 0 98 "bf2"
    swiffHost.addAward 2 3270519 0 99 "bf2"
    6. Save. Now all the booster medals are viewable in xpack BFHQ.
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