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Another noob needs help!

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by FlashAM, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. FlashAM

    FlashAM New Member

    Hi guys. I'm attemping to use the stats on my server. I get connections to the webhost to retrieve stats, however, there is nothing in my weblogs for POSTING of the stats! My database is also empty, except for the country ID's that is. I also can't find any logs on the BF2 server either. Any idea why the server isn't posting the stats?

    Be advised that my webserver and game server are two different boxes on the same network.

    If you guys need further information to help, let me know and I will provide it.
  2. csuno

    csuno New Member

    did you edit the phyton scripts?
    did you edit the host files?

    did you searched the forum?

    Cya CSUNO
  3. FlashAM

    FlashAM New Member

    Yes to all, and I did find an error in the snapshot.py. I'm now getting POST attempts from the BF2 server. I do have another issue that has cropped up. When the BF2 server goes to post, it gets a 400 error, description is:

    Invalid URI in request POST ASP/bf2statistics.php

    Anyone have any clue on that one? I did search the forum for URI and did not get any hits on it.
  4. FlashAM

    FlashAM New Member

    I knew as soon as I posted here, everything would work!!! The problem with the information not showing up in the logs is because the wrong server IP was put in the snapshot.py. The problem with the URI was the path needs a / in front of it. Thereby meaning /ASP/bf2statistics.php. You have to restart the server for this to take effect.

    I have gotten my database updated with stats now. Thanks for the help.
  5. FlashAM

    FlashAM New Member

    Ok...well, all is not well yet. The stats are updating in the DB, and everything looks good....however, in the BFHQ, I don't get ranks, progress, times, awards, everything is blank.

    I did just double check that my hosts file... bf2web.gamespy.com

    is in there. I can open up the database using phpMyAdmin, find my name, pid, score, etc, however BFHQ doesn't show any of it. I did a search for BFHQ and it seems that everyone is using single player! I play online.

    Any advice??
  6. Twisted

    Twisted New Member

    Has to be an error with the hosts redirecting. Cause if the database is updating correctly that is the only option left.
  7. FlashAM

    FlashAM New Member

    I did get that part done....now, however, I have a new problem. I cleared out the database this morning to see if something might have gotten screwed up that way. I see the users being created and the initial match is updated, however, any matches after that initial one they play is not updating the stats. I'm hoping that clearing out the database helped, but will have to wait until some matches get done so I can do some comparisons. So far although the server has been going for over 3 hours, NO ONE has gotten a new rank yet.