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Alternatives To The Hosts File Redirects *UPDATED*

Discussion in 'News' started by Wilson212, May 22, 2015.

  1. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Over the past few months I have studied into how I could make my own dns server built into the control center, since some people were having issues with the Hosts file redirects. Its a protected windows file that maps hostnames to IP addresses, and is how we are able to get BF2 to load stats from our programs and website files instead of Gamespy's. I was unable to do this unfortunately, but I have found a great alternative... well 2 actually.

    First off, If you would rather not mess with the hosts file, or it is not working for you for some reason, May I point you to a nifty little proxy server, that is open source, free to use, and has a very small footprint. It is called Acrylic . I have been using this for a short while now and have grown very fond of this powerful, yet small proxy server. It has its own Hosts file that it reads from thats even more powerful then the windows hosts file, since it can use wildcards. The only configuration I had to do after installing it, was add ">gamespy.com" in the hosts file (Acrylics host file), and set my adapter settings to use acrylic instead of windows DNS. There is simple tutorials (with pictures) that shows you how to change your adapter settings on the Acrylic website.

    The second option is very similar to the first, and that is to use SimpleDNS. Put simply, its a DNS server that you install on your PC, and is a full replacement to Windows DNS. Its very simple to use (I have explained how to set it up here), but its not free... Though, its easy to find a cracked version if you know what I mean ;), there is even one floating around on the forums... just sayin... but you didn't hear that from me!

    The third and recommended option, is to use a HOSTS.ICS file instead of the system hosts file. After some testing, I have concluded that the hosts.ics overrides the hosts file in the windows DNS, and BF2 does not check for a hosts.ics file, so there is no need to remove read permissions from it. If you do choose to use a hosts.ics file, then here are the lines you must put into it to work
    Code:    localhost    gamespy.com    gpcm.gamespy.com    gpsp.gamespy.com    motd.gamespy.com    master.gamespy.com    gamestats.gamespy.com    bf2web.gamespy.com    battlefield2.ms14.gamespy.com    battlefield2.master.gamespy.com    battlefield2.available.gamespy.com
    Just replace with the desired IP address. The file location for the hosts.ics file is "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc". The file will not exist, so you must create it yourself.

    Anyways, I thought I would share this information, incase anyone was looking for alternatives
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