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AIX Server error

Discussion in 'BF2 Server Administration' started by Ghostfire, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Ghostfire

    Ghostfire New Member

    I have a huge problem with starting my game server.
    Server worked fine for about 6 months until a few days ago, when I installed Visual C++ 2013 Redist. Nothing else changed on my machine.
    Now, every time I try to start AIX2.0 Server (via BF2Statistics Control Center) I get the following error:
    Debug assertion failed!
    Version 1.5.3153-802.0 Build Date:
    Module: GameServer
    File: C:\dice\Projects\BF2Branches\Patch_1_50\Code\BF2\Game\GameServer\GameServer.cpp
    Line: 647
    Text: 0018FCD8
    Current confile:
    I have uninstalled VC++2013, but it didn't help. Battlefield 2 standard server works fine though.
    I tried re-installing BF2 Server, Client, AIX and BF2Statistics Control Center. That didn't help either.

    Have anyone else had the same problem? Is there any chance to fix this problem without formatting / reinstalling system?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. SharK

    SharK Member

  3. Ghostfire

    Ghostfire New Member

    Of course. Everything installed as it should be.

    Anyway, I have found a workaround for this problem. Seems like Visual C++ messed up something with server config files, so I didn't copy my server files, but it didn't work. The only way I can run the server is by global configuration file, not the BF2 Statistics Control Center interface.
  4. Ghostfire

    Ghostfire New Member

    Now it seems that I can't make any changes in GlobalServerSettings.con file :/ Even though I've edited the file manualy the server always starts with default settings. Any ideas?
  5. Ghostfire

    Ghostfire New Member

    Ok, I found out where exactly is the problem, so if anyone else should have the same issue in the future, here is solution:
    In serversettings file make sure to disable public server - sv.internet 0. Same goes for the BF2Statistics Control Center (uncheck option "Enable Public Srerver"). Server won't show in serverlist, but you can always join using IP, or setting up automatic server connection in BF2SCC, or Client Launcher.
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  6. anubis777

    anubis777 New Member

    I have the exact same problem suddenly fell server code in the config sv.internet 1
  7. Brentt

    Brentt New Member

    this is because the heartbeat server failed. GameSpy just finally shut it off you can download our fixed exe which no longer needs it and lets you start games in Internet mode. download it at battlelog.co. look for the ranks and unlock exe or binary
  8. hawk

    hawk Member

    I know this is an old thread but I was having the same problem and changing 1 little setting finely fixed it "sv.internet 0" thanks I have been for this one all day