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Aix mod

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by Goober, May 27, 2010.

  1. Goober

    Goober New Member

    hi was wondering if theres any chance a future release of the stat system could support Aix since it has many features and a lot of map packs, or if i could be pointed in the direction of what files need to be modded to add the extra army and weapons,vehicals.. i can do the work myself and share it here :) oh one more question, can the bfhq in client be modified to show the extra info? thanks guys
  2. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Honestly this bf2 statistics thing is pretty much dead. So good luck with that. If i where you i would make sure you can get all the knowledge you can get before the site goes down. As for the BFHQ thing, you would have to modify the actual battlefield 2 files im sure. But if you are good at C++ and python, it shouldnt be impossible
  3. usbigoil

    usbigoil New Member

    The stats system was designed to be used on lan systems to rank private stats. It does work on unranked hosted servers with the mods NAW and AIX2. I have been having problems getting it to work with POE2. It does keep your scores and awards as well as display ranks on your server for the players.
    It is about the only free system to track your private stats. It does not require modifying any of your bf2 client files, only the server files are modified. I have had good response to the problems I have been having and like any BB sometime it gets slow. But if you run a unranked hosted server and want to have some stat tracking and ranking, This is the only way to go. But as far as a future release I dont think that will ever happen.
  4. neeraj66

    neeraj66 New Member

  5. beestie

    beestie New Member

    Got aix2 and online emu running perfectly, ranks, medals, bfhq, unlocks all working like you would play online but on a lan. muhahahahahahaha,