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A few questions with the statistics

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by ihjimbo, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. ihjimbo

    ihjimbo New Member

    I have went through and edited the constants, the web keys and the getplayerinfo for displaying custom maps on the web page and for the most part it is working. However the map times are showing in just a total count of seconds.

    Second on the web page times show up as W;D;H:M;S type format I would like it to show just total hours:Minutes:Seconds. I looked through the player.php and didn't see anything on how to format it differently.

    Last but not least, I have edited my python files for award data for both xpack and regular. I know the xpack only runs when running the xpack mod and I could add in the items from that into the regular medal data but I am wondering if there is a way to have it fire that for a different specific mod(BF2SF64) in this case to use the SF xpack awards for that instead of the actual xpack mod.

    Many thanks for all of the support and such great work on the stats system.
  2. Thinner

    Thinner New Member


    to convert seconds to something useful use function sec2log().

    To change the time-format change function sec2log() in BF2Stats.php. See here http://www.bf2statistics.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?4778.post for h:m:s

    To activate xpack-medals for BF2SF64 go to /python/bf2/stats/medals.py, lines 58 to 61

    running_mod = str(host.sgl_getModDirectory())
    if ( running_mod.lower() in ('mods/xpack', 'mods/bf2sf64') ):
    from bf2.stats.medal_data_xpack import *
    from bf2.stats.medal_data import *

  3. lildamien98

    lildamien98 New Member

    2009-10-06 00:33:52 : > Checking Gamespy (.aspx) File Basic Response...
    2009-10-06 00:33:52 : - Gamespy (.aspx) Basic Response: Fail
    2009-10-06 00:33:52 : > Checking Gamespy (.aspx) File Advanced Responses...
    2009-10-06 00:33:52 : - Gamespy (.aspx) Advanced (1) Response: Fail
    2009-10-06 00:33:52 : - Gamespy (.aspx) Advanced (2) Response: Fail
    2009-10-06 00:33:52 : - Gamespy (.aspx) Advanced (3) Response: Fail

    Any Suggestions on how to get this working...
  4. lildamien98

    lildamien98 New Member

    i fixed it.. had to allow overrides in my apache server..