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1 Bot Showing on Stats and BFHQ

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by Foxhound, May 22, 2006.

  1. Foxhound

    Foxhound New Member

    I've searched around for an answer and nothing really pertained to my situation. I got the ded server up and going along with stats. However, when i go into bfhq and the web stats page, it shows me and only 1 bot "S. Pinkerton." It seems there are some problems with communication but it seems really wierd that it records only 1 bot's stats. How do i make it so all the bots show up on the stats and bfhq? And why is there only 1 bot being stat recorded?

    PS. When i go to the web stats page and click on Pinkerton's name for his stats, it says, Could not load stats for PID "0"

  2. hurr1k4ne

    hurr1k4ne Member

    the bots get all PlayerID 0 so they all stored in ID in DB....
    Know you know you have forgotten sth...
    Please read the Documentation again.

    If you have more Questions after it, feel free to post them.