1.2 Patch and Euro Forces Delayed

Discussion in 'News' started by MrNiceGuy, Feb 1, 2006.

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    EA has posted some bad news about the upcoming 1.2 patch and Euro Force in the latest Community Update. They are both being delayed. You can read the full update here.
    We really felt that it was important to delay the patch and take care of some of the issues that have had the community concerned. This means that it will be released sometime in the next two or three weeks. This, unfortunately, means that the Euro Force Booster Pack will be delayed as well since it relies on the patch. Look for Euro Force to be released in the latter half of February now.

    Also, another bit of bad news is that the new feature that allows player to pick up deployed mines with the G key is being held back. In the end, we felt it just wasn’t complete enough for public consumption. We at DICE apologize to all of you who were eagerly awaiting this feature.

    The following issues were addressed:
    - Being able to pass through walls using a spinning tank turret has been fixed. It has also been addressed on all rotating vehicle positions just to be safe.
    - The disappearance of tank projectiles and grenade launcher projectiles during online play has been improved and should occur less frequently
    - The distance for throwing hand grenades, ammo packs, and health packs has been increased.

    And finally…
    - The Red/Blue nametag bug has been addressed
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    Feel free to post your thougts.
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    I hate to say it, but this is good news to us. Gives you more time to get to know our stats system! :)

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