BF2Statistics Web Edition v3 3.0.0-beta.3

The Original BF2Statistics Private Ranked System

  1. Beta Release 3

    Battlefield 2 Statistics beta version 3. Requires a fresh clean database (delete all tables and data)! This will be the last required database wipe before the official release, I promise! This will most likely be the last beta before release as well.

    You must replace all ASP files, Bf2 Server python files, AND the GameSpy emulator files with what is included in this release package!

    • Added a new Service Module to help manage the Rising Star leaderboard...
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  2. Beta Release 2

    • Only ASP web files are changed from previous Beta release
    • Many bugs smashed
    • Added a new stats module to display stats.
    • Added country flags to DataTables
    • Organized the framework classes a bit.