BF2Statistics Web Edition v3 3.1.0

The Original BF2Statistics Private Ranked System

  1. 3.1.0 Full Release

    Battlefield 2 Statistics release v3.1.0.

    This is a full release! You must replace all existing ASP files from previous betas!

    • Added promotion checking to the BattleSpy anti-cheat when processing a snapshot. This feature can be disabled.
    • Finished missing "Sergeant Major of the Corps" and "4-star General" selection pages.
    • Improved administration of unlocks, allowing modification in previous required unlocks
    • Improved the look of map images and server images within div containers
    • Improved the awards display when viewing a round info
    • Fixed a bug preventing a player's email and country to display when editing a player's info on the "players -> index" page.
    • Fixed an error that would occur when trying to view a provider that has more than 1 server IP whitelisted.
    • Fixed an error with BF2 unlocks not working correctly in BFHQ
    • Fixed an issue where a player was not confronted with a promotion notification in BFHQ after earning a promotion.
    • Various code updates and improvements.
    • Add an award details page, displaying all players who have earned the award.
    • Possibly add a server's display to map details.
    • Create a user guide with install instructions and a FAQ
    • Add player promotion history on player details
    • Add a blacklist option for hiding servers in the server browser.
    • Add more global player statistics
      • Kits used Statistics Pie Chart
      • Weapon used Statistics Pie Chart
      • Vehicle used Statistics Pie Chart
      • Vehicle vs Weapon Pie Chart
      • Wins by Army Pie Chart
      • Expansion / Mod played pie chart
      • Top played maps
      • Average SPM
    • Create a system where a round played with too many BattleSpy flags will not be saved, but rather have to be sanctioned after review by the stats admin before being processed into the database.
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