BF2Statistics Web Edition v3 3.1.0

The Original BF2Statistics Private Ranked System

  1. Beta Release 3

    Battlefield 2 Statistics beta version 3. Requires a fresh clean database (delete all tables and data)! This will be the last required database wipe before the official release, I promise! This will most likely be the last beta before release as well.

    You must replace all ASP files, Bf2 Server python files, AND the GameSpy emulator files with what is included in this release package!

    • Added a new Service Module to help manage the Rising Star leaderboard updates, as well as managing the SMOC and 4-star general promotions (Still a WIP!). This comes with new Config options in the Edit Configuration menu.
    • Changed the way Rising Star is calculated to match the description in the BFHQ
    • Updated the Database Module with more options when clearing stats tables, such as preserving player accounts, provider and server data
    • Added the ability to view the data in snapshots before accepting them to be processed
    • Added weapon accuracy checks to BattleSpy. You can specify which weapons are checked via the BattleSpy config menu.
    • Added multi-sorting to most stats tables throughout the admin panel
    • Added Provider round history page
    • Added an Army abbreviation map config file.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented players from joining a server if they were using a name prefix
    • Fixed a bug that prevented a player's worst enemy and favorite victim on a player round history report
    • Fixed column sorting on the database table status.
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