Bf2Statistics Control Center 2.3.5

The All in One Private Stats System Resource for Windows

  1. BF2Statistics Control Center v2.3.5

    Changelog: 2.3.5

    • Fixed a major bug that was not allowing servers to post snapshots to the Control Center if they hadn't before.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from being able to log into the Login Emulator
  2. BF2Statistics Control Center v2.3.4

    Changelog: 2.3.4

    • Servers that submit snapshots to the ASP are now logged again in the stats database
    • Fixed an error adding and removing conditions in the medal data editor to AND and OR lists not taking affect
    • Fixed a formatting error that occured on Non en-US locales when saving Bot settings in the
    • Fixed a potential issue where the HttpServer.ClearRazorCache() method was searching the wrong folder.
    • Removed the Offline Pid configuration option from...
  3. BF2Statistics Control Center v2.3.3

    Changelog: 2.3.3

    • Added the Player History page in the Bf2sClone
    • Fixed the broken "Best Teamwork Scores" link on the Bf2sClone rankings page
  4. BF2Statistics Control Center v2.3.2

    Changelog: 2.3.2

    • Added the redirect. This will prevent the 10 second hang after logging in.
    • Fixed the incorrect URL format in the Player Editor form when clicking the "View On Leaderboard" button.
    • Updated the /ASP/SearchForPlayers.aspx request to mimic the actual gamespy response (Thanks!)
    • Fixed a few bugs with the QueryBuilder
  5. BF2Statistics Control Center v2.3.1

    Changelog: 2.3.1

    • Unlocks are no longer added to the database on the GetPlayerId.aspx request. This will speed up the creation of Ai Bots and players when the server requests a player's PID number.
    • Fixed a typo in the GetPlayerInfo.aspx controller
    • Fixed a typo in the RankingsController which prevented the index page from being cached
    • Fixed an issue where the Central Database Mode was not being saved in the config files.
  6. BF2Statistics Control Center v2.3.0

    Changelog: 2.3.0

    • Program now targets .NET framework 4.6.1 up from 4.5. Users will need to install .NET 4.6.1 (Included in Redist folder)
    • Updated dependancies to their newest release versions.
    • Enabled connection pooling when using SQLite databases to prevent locking errors. Re-save of database configs via the Database Config Form is required for these changes to take effect.
    • Redesigned the HttpServer, essentially turning it into an MVC system, which includes...
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  7. BF2Statistics Control Center v2.2.1

    Changelog 2.2.1
    • Fixed an error updating the Gamespy databases if using MySQL
    • Added a check when changing database settings that will prevent the user from choosing the same database for both Stats and Gamespy
    • Improved Gamespy socket handling code. Should be less error prone now
    • Tidied up some code
  8. BF2Statistics Control Center v2.2.0

    Changelog [2.2.0]:


    • New Gamespy Redirector, with options for Hosts.ICS and Dns Server options
    • Now supporting Central Database Settings
    • Added filtering options to the Snapshot List View

    • Improved the program updater code. Includes the use the Newtonsoft.Json.dll to better read Github's API
  9. BF2Statistics Control Center v2.1.5

    Changelog: 2.1.5

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that was causing the Stats database type to also change the Gamespy database type. This was causing errors correclty setting up the gamespy database
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  10. BF2Statistics Control Center v2.1.4

    Changelog: 2.1.4

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Installer to allow installations on Windows Server 2008
    • Fixed a bug where the database config form was not getting assigned a parent window, even with the main window shown
    • Fixed a spelling error (File Moniter -> File Monitor)
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