Bf2Statistics Control Center 2.3.5

The All in One Private Stats System Resource for Windows

  1. BF2Statistics Control Center v2.0.2 Released

    Changelog: 2.0.2:
    • Medal Data Editor Fixes:
      • Fixed a bug that was preventing the highlighting of awards that had invalid conditions when loading a profile that had pre-existing invalid conditions.
      • Deleting a Medal Data Profile no longer reverts the BF2Statistics config to use the default profile if the deleted profile was not set as the profile to use.
      • Fixed a bug that was preventing Ranks from getting checked for condition errors
    • The Web/Bf2Stats/*.xml data files will no longer be removed / overwritten when un-installing / updating the control center to preserve user modifications. Only after this update will these changes take effect! You must also Start the ASP server to create the .xml files for the first time.
    • Fixed a button clipping issue found on the exception details form
    • Improved the "Test Connection" feature in the Database Setup menu. The connection is made Asynchronously, and a loading form is displayed to the user to show that the form is busy, and not frozen.
    • BFHQ will no longer display custom maps as the favorite map
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