Bf2Statistics Control Center 2.3.5

The All in One Private Stats System Resource for Windows

  1. BF2Statistics Control Center v2.0.1 Release

    Changelog: 2.0.1
    • Migrated from using the Microsoft installer to InstallShield
    • The control center is now run in a "Mutex", which prevents the control center from opening multiple times at once, and thus preventing the socket exception that occurs.
    • Improved the Random MapList generator code, and added a "No Duplicates" option to prevent duplicates maps from being generated
    • Improved the Medal Data Editor, Badges are now categorized and displayed better to help alleviate clutter
    • Updated and improved the Stats Python scripts. [Clients must restore their python files to update]
      • Restoring the stats python no longer removes Medal profiles and custom made scripts located in the python directories
      • Stats can now be enabled / disabled via a config option. No need to install / un-install scripts anymore.
      • Removed the un-used file... Rank awarding has always been processed via
      • Xpack medal data is no longer separate from the default medal data. is no longer used. There is a new config option where server admins can define which mods allow players to earn Special Forces medals.
      • The local Pid.txt file feature that was used to fetch pid's from as an alternative to the ASP has been removed. (Useless and troublesome)
      • Updated the file to includes support for Bf2_SPX (includes BoosterSP) and BFSFSP64 single player mods.
    • Added a new warning icon that displays if there was an error loading a mod into the mod list, that when hovered over, displays the error message describing why the mod(s) couldn't be loaded
    • Replaced the "Ignore Asserts" option with "Force Ai Bots" option. Ignore asserts is used for debugging and shouldn't be used by the control center anyways... But force AI (+ai 1) has been a highly requested option.
    • Improved Snapshot processing by introducing a Multi-threaded Queue system. Snapshots are now queued and processed in a different thread, which improves the Web response time when posting a snapshot to the control center.
    • Fixed the Login Emulator's Connected Clients list window to properly update when users disconnect
      • This fix correlates to fixing another bug that occurred when a clients connection was silently disconnected, they would appear online forever
    • Fixed a bug with the Client Launch Params form that setting the Width and Height properties wrong, causing the game to crash on startup
    • Fixed a rare bug that occurred when the LogWritter was queued with tons of messages at once.
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