Bf2Statistics Control Center 2.3.5

The All in One Private Stats System Resource for Windows

  1. BF2Statistics Control Center v1.10.0

    • The Snapshot viewer no longer requires the ASP server to be running to view snapshot data
    • THe Medal Data Editor will now highlight incorrect award conditions in red, and will warn the user before saving medal data if there are condition errors.
    • When launching the BF2 server with stats enabled, a Web request will be made first to verify that the ASP server address supplied is a valid, and reachable ASP server. A warning will be displayed to the user if the server cant be reached, or an incorrect response was supplied.
    • When launching the BF2 client with redirects enabled, a Web request will be made to verify that the Stats Server Address in the hosts file points to a valid ASP stats server, and will warn the user otherwise. User has the option to ignore warning.
    • Fixed an error that would occur when accessing the BF2s Clone pages related to a response already sent error.
    • Tons of various code clean-ups, optimizations, and small bug fixes
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