BF2CC Daemon 1.4.2446

The BF2CC Daemon software.

  1. MrNiceGuy
    R-Con vs. Daemon
    Running the BF2CC Daemon is the preferred to an R-Con only connection. Using the BF2CC Daemon provides additional functionality
    such as:
    ** BF2 Server Process Management (Ability to start/stop the Server remotely)
    ** Multiple User Accounts with Role Based Security Permissions (Access to certain features can be restricted)
    ** Logging of all Admin Actions
    ** Store and Apply settings using a convenient Profile based system
    ** Use a customized Ban List System which stores extra information, such as Player Name, REason for Ban, Admin and Date/Time.
    ** Future Improvements such as PB Screenshots
    If you have complete remote access to your server, you will want to install the BF2CC Daemon alongside your BF2 server.
    In either case, you will need to install the ModManager Scripts onto the computer running your BF2 server. See ModManager Install section below. You can download the MM scripts from They also come included in the latest Daemon release.
    If you connect via R-Con you will NOT be able to use the following features/sections in the client:
    ** Dashbaord - Allows you to Start/Stop the BF2 server remotely and work with Settings Profiles
    ** Admins - User Accounts
    ** Auto-Admin - Performs Automatic Administration features like Language Filters, Smart Auto-Balance, etc.