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  1. Andrey Marchenko
    Andrey Marchenko
    Ambassador BF2 Community
  2. Piui
    Piui exemaco
    hello how do I add fake players to the bf2 v1.5 server?
  3. S_h_a_r_k_93
    All my contacts, social media and more ~
  4. ProMadnessBR
    ProMadnessBR Wilson212
    And I would like to know about BF2142, is there an easy way to open a server? I heard that you were working on BF2142Statistics, then I really appreciated that and would like to know if have some release or news about? Thank you very much for your attention and I'm sorry if I'm being naughty!
  5. ProMadnessBR
    ProMadnessBR Wilson212
    Hello Wilson! I used the 'Control Center' without any problems, the only strange part was when my friends signed in to their gamespy accounts and were it's very very slowly browsing in the game menu. In game they had no problems with lag. I would like to know if it is possible to solve this and if there is any tutorial explaining how to open a server using MySQL / SQLServer to use BF2StatsWeb3.
  6. ProMadnessBR
    ProMadnessBR Pereira
    Hello Pereira! My name is Alison, I'm newer in server and things with this.... if you can, please, can you help me? I would like to know that how to open a BF2 using a MySQL ou something like that... add me in discord if yes ^^ "ProMadness#6217" Thank you very much!
  7. Adam Fuller
    Adam Fuller Wilson212
    Hello. I was hoping you could help me resurrect this game so I can play with some friends. I have a few questions. If this site is still live and you're able to respond, I will expand further. Thanks for your time!
  8. Franksley
    Franksley MrNiceGuy
    Hello, can you please tell me about some protection against vpn usage on BF2 servers
  9. LevAnni
    LevAnni kjhedges
    hey kj, how its going?

    look, do you know how to put our server ingame at the server's list? kinda put the server in the server's list manually

  10. kjhedges
    kjhedges Kolja
    Hi, email me and I will see if I can help you with your server stats

  11. Kolja
    Kolja Wilson212
    Why after restarting the game server, the stat is reset?
  12. mypedznalok
    understand ENG a little.
  13. mypedznalok
    mypedznalok Wilson212
    Can you teach me a program or have a link to teach me?
    1. kjhedges
      I think you need to be a little more precise about your request.
      "teach you a program"

      Please try to expand on this.
      Feb 7, 2019
  14. StrykerG
    StrykerG Wilson212
    I downloaded your latest stats software (Stats.3.0.Beta.2) but I couldn't find any install directions for Gamespy Emulator or how to run it. I tried what I thought I was suppose to do but ended up screwing up my webserver and had to re install that. Thanks.
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    2. StrykerG
      Thanks kjhedges, I'm setting up a test server now. Once I get to the stats part I'll contact you.
      I download xampp-win32-5.6.4-0-VC11-installer will this work with the Stats.3.0.beta.2? Also should I just install bf2_server_unranked_v1.50 to the location it wants to or can I install it in c:\bf2server?
      Feb 3, 2019
    3. kjhedges
      I personally use xammp with php 7. But the one you downloaded should be good for your needs.

      You can find me in the sites chat. Link found on home page
      Feb 3, 2019
    4. Wilson212
      There is no install needed for the Gamespy Emulator. Just run the ASP in either Xampp or Wamp (my personal fav), and install the system that way. Then just edit the config.ini for the Gamespy emulator and run the two .exe's
      Feb 3, 2019
  15. Kolja
    Kolja Wilson212
    and when will be approximately ready?
  16. Kolja
    Kolja Wilson212
    Hey. Is it possible to connect these stats to Forgotten hope 2? Does bf2sclone in version 3.0.0-beta.1? Is there a manual? Thanks for understanding.
    1. Wilson212
      As of right now, bf2sclone is not updated for 3.0 yet no. And so far, no manual (will be included in the final release). As far as mod support goes, yes the ASP does support mods (with additional setup).
      Jan 7, 2019
  17. Ganduras
    Battlefield 2 forever! :)
  18. pplower
    pplower Wilson212
    How can i start my server by ControlCenter with the additional command line argument such as "+ai 1"
    I want to play NoVehicles with BOTs in "conquest" map-type. Thanks verymuch (乛◡乛)
    BTW How to change the port of ASP stats Sever in ControlCenter?
    1. Wilson212
      Nov 15, 2016
  19. pplower
    pplower Wilson212
    I wonder to know why the scripts called ASP? use' .aspx' just for compatible with gamespy?
    1. Wilson212
      That is correct. In V3 however, there is no more .aspx files. Instead the new ASP will use Apache Mod_Rewrite to direct the request to php files.
      Aug 11, 2016
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  20. velicyt
    a las armas valientes!!!