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Hey everyone, Wilson212 here.. I decided to let you guys in on whats currently in the works for bf2statistics. First things first...
Bf2statistics 2.1.0 is on the way. Php 5.5 will depreciate the mysql_ database functions that the ASP uses, so i decided to re-write the database
scripts to use PDO instead. By switching to PDO, you will be able to use databases other then MySQL such as PostgresSql, or MSSQL.


List of things to do:
  1. - [Completed] Create an easy to use Medal Data Editor.
  2. - [Completed] Convert ASP Database scripts to use PDO, rather then the old mysql query functions
  3. - [Completed] Add grappling hook, Zipline, and Tactical deploys in the player stats query, which in turn will allow the Grappling Hook Specialst, Zipline Specialist, and Tactical Specialist badges to be earned
  4. - [Completed] Remove AI Score multiplier in favor of the new...
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The February Battlefield Newsletter is out and is filled with many goodies. With the upcoming booster pack Euro Force to be released, they have published a trailer for it as well as provided some new screens. Take a look:Last month we announced Battlefield 2: Euro Force by giving you an exclusive first-look at the Booster Pack. This month we're taking it a step further and present you with this all new gameplay clip of Battlefield 2: Euro Force. If new weapons, vehicles, maps and ACTION are your cup of tea, then you're going to want to watch this video.Download Here!Looking for more Battlefield 2: Euro Force eye-candy? Then look no further! Here are 12 never-before-seen screenshots of the Booster Pack in action! If that's not enough to whet your appetite, we've also...​
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EA has posted some bad news about the upcoming 1.2 patch and Euro Force in the latest Community Update. They are both being delayed. You can read the full update here.
We really felt that it was important to delay the patch and take care of some of the issues that have had the community concerned. This means that it will be released sometime in the next two or three weeks. This, unfortunately, means that the Euro Force Booster Pack will be delayed as well since it relies on the patch. Look for Euro Force to be released in the latter half of February now.

Also, another bit of bad news is that the new feature that allows player to pick up deployed mines with the G key is being held back. In the end, we felt it just wasn’t complete enough for public consumption. We at DICE apologize to all of you who were eagerly awaiting this feature.

The following issues were...