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by Wilson212 at 6:25 AM
(14,229 Views / 2 Likes)
Hello friends, and happy holidays! I wanted to just drop by and show you guys what I have in store for the next release :) . With Gamespy offline for over 18 months now, we are left with us here at BF2Statistics, Battlelog, BF2Hub, and finally Project Reality (whom don't offer stats). With a few people running their own stats backed system, it can get a little difficult and crazy to keep track of all the redirects and such... Well I have a solution with my next release. Let me introduce, the BF2 Gamespy Redirector :) Keep in mind this is Alpha, and the a few weeks away from Beta testing.


So what exactly makes this program so special? Well the whole idea behind this application is to replace the Client launcher with something even more useful. For those of you who are running your own stats system, the Control Center is perfect... but what about...
by Wilson212 at 8:16 PM
(12,250 Views / 3 Likes)
Hey there everyone, Today I wanted to show off what I have been working on for the last few weeks. It's no secret that we must use some sort of redirection method to force Battlefield 2 to use a different address to fetch Gamespy related services. Things such as stats, online server browser, and even the login servers must be redirected so we can continue to play this great game with stats enabled.

It has always been a standard here at Bf2Statistics to modify the System HOSTS file, which makes sense provided what it does, but of course EA had to throw a wrench in everything, and introduce a HOSTS file check in patch 1.3, that renders HOSTS file redirects useless.... unless of course, we deny READ permissions from the hosts file ;) . unfortunately, since read permissions are denied, this causes some issues with the windows DNS services, and sometimes the redirects end up only working for a few hours if at all. I have worked very hard to come up with different ideas that we can use...
by Wilson212 at 10:12 PM
(14,140 Views / 1 Likes)
Over the past few months I have studied into how I could make my own dns server built into the control center, since some people were having issues with the Hosts file redirects. Its a protected windows file that maps hostnames to IP addresses, and is how we are able to get BF2 to load stats from our programs and website files instead of Gamespy's. I was unable to do this unfortunately, but I have found a great alternative... well 2 actually.

First off, If you would rather not mess with the hosts file, or it is not working for you for some reason, May I point you to a nifty little proxy server, that is open source, free to use, and has a very small footprint. It is called Acrylic . I have been using this for a short while now and have grown very fond of this powerful, yet small proxy server. It has its own Hosts file that it reads from thats even more powerful then the windows hosts file, since it can use...