by Wilson212 at 10:12 PM
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Over the past few months I have studied into how I could make my own dns server built into the control center, since some people were having issues with the Hosts file redirects. Its a protected windows file that maps hostnames to IP addresses, and is how we are able to get BF2 to load stats from our programs and website files instead of Gamespy's. I was unable to do this unfortunately, but I have found a great alternative... well 2 actually.

First off, If you would rather not mess with the hosts file, or it is not working for you for some reason, May I point you to a nifty little proxy server, that is open source, free to use, and has a very small footprint. It is called Acrylic . I have been using this for a short while now and have grown very fond of this powerful, yet small proxy server. It has its own Hosts file that it reads from thats even more powerful then the windows hosts file, since it can use...
by Wilson212 at 11:14 PM
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Hey everyone, just wanted to shout out that the new update for the Control Center has been released today. I highly recommend that all those who use the control center to download this update, and many code updates and features were added. ;)
by Wilson212 at 5:18 PM
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Howdy folks, i just updated the Control Center to version 2.0.1. Even from the 2.0.0 Beta standpoint, this thing is UPDATED... Thousands of lines of code were updated, tweaked and Rewritten to make this thing run as smooth and bug free as possible on your machine. There was quite a few changes to the Stats Python files as well, So you will need to update those by pressing the "Restore Ranked Python Files" button on the Bf2 Server Settings Tab. Don't worry though, i updated that feature as well, and your custom python scripts and medal data files will NOT be removed when the restore feature happens ;) .

WARNING: You will need Uninstall your old Stats Python files BEFORE updating to the new Control Center!

Speaking of Medal Data, your old medal data files will no longer fully work :eek: . Some changes were made to the medal data files and you will need to delete your medal data profiles. They will still... technically work, but whenever...