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Discussion in 'Battlefield 2 Discussion' started by Krotonex, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Krotonex

    Krotonex New Member

    I'm having a puzzling issue, when I start my Battlefield 2 game, I can see my unlocks in the BFHQ, as well as in the database and ASP Web server, but when I join my server, my unlocks are unavailable. There is a "lock" icon where the "switch" button usually is. What can I do?
  2. SharK

    SharK Member

    All in order:
    Version and type of APS (Web Edition / BF2SCC):
    OS on the server and IP with BF2DED and ASP:
    How is and what settings have been made, and logs with ASP after the game on the server:
    IP client BF2:
  3. Krotonex

    Krotonex New Member

    Battelfield 2 statistics control center v2.3.5
    Windows 10, IP, same IP for ASP.
    Settings, unlocks are earned. I'm not sure what settings you're looking for.
    and do you need the error logs, or the access logs?
  4. SharK

    SharK Member

    all logs ASP
  5. Krotonex

    Krotonex New Member

    The other logs are empty.

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  6. Wilson212

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    Your error log show a lot of issues with the hosts file. I had an issue awhile back with the hosts file on Windows 7. Your best bet is to set the redirect mode to Hosts.ICS and use that instead. Make sure that your current system has full access to the hosts.ics file as well (Read-Write-Execute all users), and if that file does not exist, make sure to create it! Let me know if this helps mate.


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