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Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by csuno, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. csuno

    csuno New Member

    Hy, i am sorry to ask you for help, but... %-6

    I've a Windows Server 2003R2 with running IIS6.0 on IP and paralell i've a Xampp Apache for testing on IP

    And a dedicated BF2:SF Server, with BF2CC. Started with "-ranked"

    I've edit the "hosts" file in %windir%,system32/drivers/etc/ to link the "" to "" where the ASP dir is.

    Now, ive set up the "" like its done in the pdf tutorial.

    But: i've no log directory! Do i need it?
    I've no "pid.txt". Do i need it? For LAN gaming?

    When i call the webinterface (bf2statistics-web_Beta) i get a table with some unknown Players, some broken pics, and some misc. numbers...

    Is there a way, to test, if my ASP resp. my own ranking system works? I can call the /ASP/bf2statistics.php but it is blank, can i test it, anyway?

    So, enought questions for the first time, hope we can manage it.
    And many THX, for any help. CSUNO :?
  2. Cobra-BOM-

    Cobra-BOM- New Member

    The /etc/hosts file shoul be directed to the EXTERNAL IP of the webserver, not the internal. Your router should recognize the webserver's port 80 directed to the internal ip of the webserver.
  3. Cobra-BOM-

    Cobra-BOM- New Member

    You should use your webserver's DNS name or it's external ip and this will be the output that you should receive (because you have no player id with the number 12345678.,mwn-,mls-

    O H asof D 1139155572 H pid nick mtm-0 mtm-1 mtm-2 mtm-3 mtm-4 mtm-5 mtm-6 mtm-100 mtm-101 mtm-102 mtm-103 mtm-104 mtm-105 mtm-601 mtm-300 mtm-301 mtm-302 mtm-303 mtm-304 mtm-305 mtm-306 mtm-307 mtm-801 mtm-804 mtm-813 mtm-815 mwn-0 mwn-1 mwn-2 mwn-3 mwn-4 mwn-5 mwn-6 mwn-100 mwn-101 mwn-102 mwn-103 mwn-104 mwn-105 mwn-601 mwn-300 mwn-301 mwn-302 mwn-303 mwn-304 mwn-305 mwn-306 mwn-307 mwn-801 mwn-804 mwn-813 mwn-815 mls-0 mls-1 mls-2 mls-3 mls-4 mls-5 mls-6 mls-100 mls-101 mls-102 mls-103 mls-104 mls-105 mls-601 mls-300 mls-301 mls-302 mls-303 mls-304 mls-305 mls-306 mls-307 mls-801 mls-804 mls-813 mls-815 D 12345678 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 $ 786 $
  4. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    1. Can you provide me with a link to your web server?
    2. The hosts file on the game server must point to the web server machine,
    if they are on 2 separate machines, add to your hosts file on the gameserver: if you have the game server and the web server on the same machine, add:
    3. The "logs" folder is for logfiles (backup) to be able to import them later,
    if you loose your db. just create a folder inside the ASP dir (ASP/logs).
    4. You need the pid.txt for an offline account, or else your LAN players will have the PID 0, and you will not be able to load their stats. Just create a .txt dokument, and do as explained in the PDF.
    5. Stats on the stats site will look weird at the beginning, when there is not much stats in there. Or if it is not configured properly.
    6. Again, if you can provide me a link, i can test if it is working or not. ;)
  5. csuno

    csuno New Member

    first of all...thank you boys for help.

    But i've forgott one thing. The BF2 Server should be a lokal GameServer!
    So, no internet ip's, and so. Sorry.

    But for you, if you would take a look, i can set it up, to be accesable trough my webadress...

    OK, so i just have t play a bit on server, so that he generate any stats?
    I will test it!

    Its late in germany, sorry i have to go to bet.
    THX again CU tomorow! CSUNO :D
  6. [FILTHY]porn*

    [FILTHY]porn* New Member

  7. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    I am guessing it's the mysql version 5,
    that is why i have put out an old version with version 4.
    The v.5 of mysql still have some bug's, or what ever it is.
  8. csuno

    csuno New Member

    Yes, i use the last (1.5.1.) Version of Xampp. But i dont use the MySQL DB wich comes with Xampp, i already have a MySQL DB but, its V.5., too. But i will try to run a special V4, i have to figure that out!
    PHP is Version 4.
    Otherwise, i will set up a new Xampp release with MySQL v.4 on another PC, to test some stuff with...

    THX for help...i will post any result! Yours CSUNO
  9. csuno

    csuno New Member

    ive set it up on a seperated xampp 1.4.16 now, the webinterface looks fine. BUT when i turn on, all error reporting in php.ini i get a bug:
    Notice: Undefined variable: stats in C:\Programme\xampp\htdocs\bf2statistics\header.php on line 11
    so...i've edit line 11 to
    if(!isset($stats)) $stats = new BF2Stats();
    And in line 717 on "BF2Stats.php" is a komma in front! Is this alright? I dont thing so...could you check this?

    Now...i will downgrade my Webserver to a MySQL V.4! hope it will work....

    BTW: in mysql 4.1.14 table "ip2nation" is 531,4kB on MySQL 5.0.17 it is 653,4kB. Just the importet "bf2statistics.sql".

    See you...CSUNO
  10. Cobra-BOM-

    Cobra-BOM- New Member

    If you are trying to find fault in the code then you are barking up the wrong tree.

    I have personally setup the stats system on over 25 systems ranging from person PC's to multi-station multi-state networks as well as LANs. The code works just fine even with MySql 5+.

    The key to setting up the stats system is in the communication between the game-server, the web-server, and the clients. Concentrate on getting those communication links correct and you will have no problems.

    When possible use the "non-ranked server (BF2_w32ded.exe) " free download from EA. Even if you are running on your own PC for SinglePlayer or for a LAN. Of course you want to use it for WANs. Trying to use the servers on the Retail CD is a poor choice and only invites additional problems.

    Server Launchers and BF2CC Daemons also increase the liklihood of additional problems. Not because of the BF2Statistics Code but because they have their own set of configuration requirements.

    Unfortunately, the installation PDF does not cover the configuration issues for the required networking for both the web-interfaced stat package nor the live stat acquistion. Particular attention needs to be given to the IP addressing in the various types of configuration.

    If you are willing to provide your desired type of setup along with your specs I would be glad to help anyone who needs it. That support will need to be provided through this forum so that others may benefit from the dialogue.
  11. csuno

    csuno New Member

    God bless you... sounds great! !shy

    Sorry for my poor english....
    But now, with the Xampp 4.1.16, the MySQL 4.1.14 and the php 5.0.5. the webinterface seems to work. After over an hour on playing, the stats seems to work. But, my Nick apears on topscreen, on the statwebinterface, but when i click the nick (sounds good ;-) ) it tells me: "Could not load stats for PID "43685164" "...

    But... it was a problem with the V.5. MySQL i've just installed all the stuff like all the time, but now, it works....

    I thank you for your offer to help us... and i hope we can help someone with our dialog!

    BTW: It is a great project to make a own comunity ranking system! So please, BF2Statistics Team, work hard!!! Please!!!
    AND...thank you all a lot....CSUNO
  12. bonorye

    bonorye New Member

    Ok cobra, I'm running on one computer, playing singleplayer offline. My problem is; When I play a round, I earn medals and ranks, but once the next round starts, all the stats (ranks, medals) disappear and it starts all over. Obviously my stats aren't being saved. Where in the bridge of this whole thing am I coming up short? FYI, I'm running the BF2Statistics Client V2.4 to start up games. XAMPP is running and I have a database on it.
  13. andrew758

    andrew758 New Member

    Because you must host a dedicated server with bots and the stat system on another machine, until chump is done moving and can make it one machine compatible.
  14. Ryuop

    Ryuop Member

    Nope you don´t have to have a dedicated server, works fine with just one machine. Read my guide how to do it.

  15. Cobra-BOM-

    Cobra-BOM- New Member

    That is correct Ryuop. It will work just fine for game-server, web-interface, mysql, and play all on the same machine. Just don't use the server files from the BF2 CD. You do not have to use the SP 1 gamemode to run AI with bots. Just load +ai 1 with an AI enabled map (which, btw, all SP maps are, of course).

    After the server loads the first round, type admin.runNextLevel to immediately move to the next round. This will activate the bots
  16. csuno

    csuno New Member

    Hy Cobra, you say...dont use the Server files from CD, but with the stand alone dedicated server i dont get it run with bots and (..bf2_w32ded.exe" +ranked 1 +ai 1)
    look this...

    Thanks again...CSUNO
  17. nyl0n

    nyl0n New Member

    having a proper, serversetting.con and a simple maplist.con
    that contains:
    maplist.append "Gulf_of_Oman" sp1 16
    maplist.append "Strike_at_Karkand" sp1 16

    I've tryied running the standalone unranked server with
    bf2_win32ded.exe +ai 1

    in a pure LAN environment (sv.internet 0, rem sv.ranked) and
    intentionally omitting any other +switch.
    The server starts up just fine and picks up Oman in sp1/16,
    then I maplist.list, maplist.load (just to doublecheck) and admin.runnextlevel.
    I wait 'till Karkand loads 100% and from a client (different system), I'll fire
    a bf2.exe +joinServer +playerName ...
    I get to play for a couple of minutes, bots are alive and kicking for a while,
    then... *ZOT!* the gameserver just collapses with the dreaded
    "memory.dll: chunkPools::free fails, should not come here!" error.

    Same everything with gameserver being the regular BF2.exe +dedicated 1
    and all the necessary +switches just plain works,
    maprotation and all for hours/days.
    The question is, Cobra... How do you get the bf2_win32ded.exe so stable for COOP play... Some specific gameserver version, a different gamemode...
    some special AIDLL.dll maybe?

  18. virtualinsanity

    virtualinsanity New Member

    i have this error too
    "memory.dll: chunkPools....
    maprotation dont work
    everytime error....
  19. Cobra-BOM-

    Cobra-BOM- New Member

    I notice that some are starting their servers (BF2_w32ded.exe as downloaded from EA) then trying to run SinglePlayer, no, no, no, no, no !

    After the server is started and running, bots activated with admin.runNextLevel. THEN run MULTIPLAYER, and join by IP to your own server.

    You can only have ONE map in the maplist.con, just run it for several rounds.

    The proper command line is:

    "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2 Server\bf2_w32ded.exe" +gamemode sp1 +ai 1 +modPath mods/bf2

    Make sure the map you have in the maplist is an AI map and you have AIDLL.dll in the BF2 root directory and the AI folder in the mods/bf2/AI/

    It is as simple as that. Now, to get the stats going, you just have to insure that it is installed so that the game-server, webserver, and mysql are all talking to each other properly.
  20. nyl0n

    nyl0n New Member

    Mmmm... Interesting. I think I'm starting to see through the fog here...
    Only ONE map, means no maprotation, hence no (or maybe less) memory.dll
    errors triggered. And about the meaning of "an AI enabled map", I get that
    also gpm_cq (or any other gamemodes) will do, as long as
    the level has proper navmeshes, strategicareas and
    whatnots done properly. I'm willing to experiment more now,
    since unning the SADS sounds a bit better
    than the regular BF2.exe +dedicated 1 ;)

    Thank you, Cobra.

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