Private ranking & Battlelog and BF2hub!!!!

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by TheBassFlow, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. TheBassFlow

    TheBassFlow Member

    do not show rank in game, hosts files edit bf2web.gamespy redirection not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad::(
  2. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    well for starts... if using Battlelog, they have an editied exe file that automatically redirects to them... no hosts file needed. For private ranking, make sure to use either the Control Center or Launcher in the "Resources" section, these programs can ensure that the hosts file is working.

    Also, be sure to read this thread here for some tips and alternatives to the HOSTS file:
  3. TheBassFlow

    TheBassFlow Member

    statistics are saved correctly, but does not show my rank on the gameserver. :(
  4. TheBassFlow

    TheBassFlow Member

    As I can edit the exe?
  5. TheBassFlow

    TheBassFlow Member

    is bf2 server linux, no windows.
  6. SharK

    SharK Member

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  7. Salzstange

    Salzstange Member

    so it is impossible to run a server with the oder bf2hub server exe AND bf2statistics and private ranking system?

    I have two problems now.

    1st: When i change the modified bf2_weeded exe from bf2hub or battlelog the private ranking didnt work anymore. (i think because the weeded exe forces the redirect to battlelog/bf2hub so no stats)

    2nd: The server dont show up on their server list, either in bf2hub nor in battlelog
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  8. exemaco

    exemaco Member

    edit hosts file, and add.
    your ip
    your ip
    your ip "" ====> You must create an 18-character domain and point to the ip of bf2stats...You can use its free!, Once done, rank in game, works.
  9. exemaco

    exemaco Member

    pd: works for dedicated server.
  10. Salzstange

    Salzstange Member

    Thanks for the late answer. We are using this yet. But we have heavy problems. When we are using our private ranking servers are crashing at the end of the maplist and when we are trying to use bf2cc they crash after every map change... Didn't find a solution yet...

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