OVR25 Teamplay with Fighting Friends

Discussion in 'Clan Center' started by timewarpJFC, Dec 29, 2008.

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    The OVR25 site is up and the server is running like a charm, if there are a few souls out there that want a friendly game come run with us over at www.ovr25.com -www.ovr25.com- we look forward to seeing you in the forum and in the server.

    We have a 32 player ranked server based out of the UK and an always online teamspeak server. From what we have seen over the last few weeks the ping is a bit friendlier to the European gamers and has a great ping rate for this side of the world. We are rotating through the Special Forces maps currently. However we do plan on changing things up every couple of days running with a full rotation from Fury maps to City Maps to infantry only and of course the good old special forces maps. We look forward to seeing you around... Seasons Greetings and have a safe but wonderful New Year everyone from all of us at OVR25. Stay tuned to www.ovr25.com -www.ovr25.com- The Organization of Victory - No Retreat for the latest battlefield updates and gaming informaiton!


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