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Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by Madkat, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Madkat

    Madkat New Member

    Hey everyone, I can't say this enough. Keep Working on it no matter how pissed you get walk away and then come back.

    Anyway I've got most of the Stats working.. I played my game and even got a few awards.

    the database seems to be saving the data and all is looking good.

    I can even view my Awards by going into BFHQ and comparing my player..

    My question is how do i go about making a online account to work with the lan. I can log on with my Stats account as i need to register it..

    Also how do i view my stats in the database like with FUBAR or or similar..

    I'm getting a gamespy url error and the server crashes if i try to log on with a online account..
    and finally

    after playing the 1 round i tried another and now it's telling me that i have Mod content and cant access the server.

    And finally finally

    How do i get this to run with Bot's. It seams i have only got the conquest maps working not co-op because i can't run the server exe i have to run the script.
  2. voodoo73

    voodoo73 New Member

    do what i did, use the ded program thing. to config it for bots, then save it

    and start the script. it should read the new server config

  3. neutrilizer

    neutrilizer New Member

    My Ranks arent saving... They're saving in the DB, but not transferring over when a player re-joins my server.
  4. zampner

    zampner New Member

    My Ranks arent saving either but my DB is

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