Installing and configuring the statistics in LAN without internet.

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by Burglarnet, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Burglarnet

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    Instructions prelostavlennaya you did not disclose the whole essence. You must have a idea on how to install step by step statistics. Next, I have a dynamically allocated IP routorom. what values ​​need to register in config? Launcher for the game does not want to run without a number SetACL.exe!
    Emulator accounts are not always properly work.
    In compiling the list of cards online coop, and changes in the configuration, all settings when the server for some reason does not apply.
    And how to make sure that the statistics would be betrayed new weapon? Just to the CP without the Internet is that possible?
    It is established
    cnfnbcnbrf 2.1.0a Full
    Game BF2 v.1.41
    B2ALL64 1.0

    translated in google.
  2. Burglarnet

    Burglarnet New Member

    Okay, I ordered all IP and everything was working. But as we now have the server statistics and play on the network. and even more so on a Hamachi IP

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