Does bf2statistics work with allied intent mod?

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by nixnerd, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. nixnerd

    nixnerd New Member

    Hello All :)

    I've been running bfstatistics on my linux server with BF2 and it works very well. However, I've recently added the allied intent mod (found at but the ranking and unlocks do not work with it.

    Does Bf2statistics work with the allied intent mod?
  2. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    I'm quite shure you have to mod the scripts for it to work with that... e.g add custom maps, weapons vehicles etc...
  3. nixnerd

    nixnerd New Member

    Hello MrNiceGuy,

    You'll have to forgive me - as I'm not as familiar with BF2 as I would like to be yet :)

    Do you mean I should take the allied intent maps and scripts out of their own mod folder and put them in the BF2 folders (or other such appropriate folder) - rather than running it as a 'mod'?

    Could you clarify your post for me a little please?
  4. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    nop... What i mean, is that u have to integrate the mod into the script... So it knows what weap/vehicle etc it should parse...
  5. nixnerd

    nixnerd New Member

    Has anyone managed to get bfstats working with a mod that is running from it's own mod folder?

    THE_WUQKED New Member

    Sure - Our Server is currently running Desert Conflict CTF 0.22. Only prob is that we did not change the Team-Score for Captured flags (10 instead of 2, I think). - Was too lazy to fix that yet ^^

    How I did it: Just installed the mod and ran it. But then again, there are no custom vehicles / weapons (yet), nor custom maps. - Adding maps is no real prob (see Stickies), but haven't looked further into adding more vehicles yet.

    EDIT: Just noticed that the capture score is already calculated correct for DC, nevermind.
    Adding vehicles / weapons should work the same way like adding maps: first editing the then the other files (see sticky) - Maybe I or someone else will write a patch to make adding them as easy as adding maps (I might do so when POE comes out, but most likely someone else will have written a patch / tutorial by then)
  7. nixnerd

    nixnerd New Member

    Hello The_Wuqked,

    I think it might depend on how the mod has been installed into BF2, as I've discovered if it installs into it's own directory inside the mods folder, this seems to cause problems for BF2statistics.

    I've tried fiddling round for ages to get any 'mod' installed in this way to work correctly with BF2statistics - although awards are made in game - they seem not to be saved to the database. I guess this is because the mod knows nothing about the script that actually does the saving.

    I've even tried sticking and other python files inside a python folder inside the mod folder, but that didn't work. I've also tried running a mod without any python folder and files at all - hoping that it would default to using the BF2 one - but that didn't work either >:-(

    I really wish I could figure out how to solve this - has anyone any helpful tips?

    THE_WUQKED New Member

    That's very strange, cause bf2statstics worked at once with Desert Conflict - no fiddling arround, just installed, and that's it. - And yes, desert Conflcit has its own folder: "Battlefield 2/mods/dcon/"
    Hmm. I'd say I'll try allied intent mod myself, but unfortunately our root HDD just died and we must reinstall everything again at first :(
    I guess I'll just download the server version and check the con files. - Will report back this week.
    EDIT: Ok, just downloaded it - Hmm, nothing special, just like dcon, so it "should" work.
    Have you changed the settings in the python_xpack folder as well? If I remember correct the mod will use that folder instead of the "python" folder. - Oh, and changing the mods/aintent/python folder won't help you (at least I left that one alone for dcon as well)
    But also keep in mind, that you need to edit several files to get all stats working correctly (, bf2stats-keys.php, getplayerinfo.aspx etc - see "How to add Custom Maps" for more tips). - Reading the Homepage, that mod seems to have quite some custom stuff, so quite some work to do there.
  9. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    My guess is that it uses the standard python folder... You are on linux man, start up the server, and watch the prosess, you will then see what folder/modpath it is using. :)
    Hint: use webmin...
  10. nixnerd

    nixnerd New Member

    Hiya THE_WUQKED,

    Thanks for those tips, they were very useful. I've given up on getting stats to work with the allied intent mod and am now attempting to add some 64 player versions of the 'stock' bf2 maps, which I got from here:


    Maps like Zatar_Wetlands and Songhua_Stalemate and suchlike. Aren't these already in the file already? should I have to add them to the file again?

    Due to the fact that the bf2 weapons on the 64 player maps are the same as they are on the stock maps - I guess I shouldn't have to hack around with too many of the bf2statistics python and php config files - right?

    Anyway - thanks for your help so far THE_WUQKED

  11. nixnerd

    nixnerd New Member

    Hiya MrNiceGuy,

    Thanks for the tips there, I had a quick look at Webmin, but to be honest I'm not that familiar with it - so didn't really know where to look.

    To watch programs run and stuff I tend to use top, ps aux and lsof - would those show me what I needed to know, in the same way as webmin does?

  12. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    Webmin is a wery gr8 tool, and together with wincsp and putty, you have full control of your nix comp...
    There is a way to trace a process, wich i dont know how to do in the console,
    but as an example, i have fired up NAW (Nations At War),
    and the trace goes like this:
    System call trace for /home/tommy/bf2_2/bin/ia-32/bf2 +config mods/bf2/settings/serversettings.con +mapList mods/bf2/settings/map :

    And with all the files and folder's that are beeing used by the process:

    File Descriptor Type File size Inode Path
    Current dir Directory 4096 700386 /home/tommy/bf2_2
    Root dir Directory 4096 2 /
    Program code Regular file 15927668 716674 /home/tommy/bf2_2/bin/ia-32/bf2
    Shared library Regular file 90248 716696 /lib/
    Shared library Regular file 67468 586468 /usr/lib/
    Shared library Regular file 252592 716740 /lib/
    Shared library Regular file 1582504 716676 /home/tommy/bf2_2/bin/ia-32/
    Shared library Regular file 78233 912171 /lib/tls/
    Shared library Regular file 737816 586430 /usr/lib/
    Shared library Regular file 134496 912161 /lib/tls/
    Shared library Regular file 32292 716757 /lib/
    Shared library Regular file 1254468 912152 /lib/tls/
    Shared library Regular file 9872 912160 /lib/tls/
    Shared library Regular file 7828 912194 /lib/tls/
    Shared library Regular file 2213700 814569 /home/tommy/bf2_2/pb_ia-32/
    Shared library Regular file 34748 912166 /lib/tls/
    Shared library Regular file 13976 912165 /lib/tls/
    Shared library Regular file 64924 912172 /lib/tls/
    Shared library Regular file 290752 912228 /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive
    Shared library Regular file 897284 814580 /home/tommy/bf2_2/pb_ia-32/
    Shared library Regular file 31696 814575 /home/tommy/bf2_2/pb_ia-32/
    0u Character special
    4 /dev/pts/2
    1u Character special
    4 /dev/pts/2
    2u Character special
    4 /dev/pts/2
    4r Regular file 34935894 521351 /home/tommy/bf2_2/mods/naw/
    5r Regular file 428549 521345 /home/tommy/bf2_2/mods/naw/
    6r Regular file 78540 716690 /home/tommy/bf2_2/mods/bf2/
    7r Regular file 2906 114017 /home/tommy/bf2_2/mods/naw/
    8r Regular file 21434 521350 /home/tommy/bf2_2/mods/naw/
    9r Regular file 51164337 716722 /home/tommy/bf2_2/mods/bf2/
    11u Regular file 3207 700420 /home/tommy/bf2_2/modmanager.log
    13r Regular file 32920844 521344 /home/tommy/bf2_2/mods/naw/levels/bocage_2005/
    14r Regular file 78540 716690 /home/tommy/bf2_2/mods/bf2/

    What i dont see, it what python folder it uses, but i asume it's the standard python.
    That is quite easy to debug though...

    Here is a easy way to get debug output to a txt file --->
  13. nixnerd

    nixnerd New Member

    Hiya MrNiceGuy,

    Thanks for that buddy, loads of good stuff there :)

    I regularly use putty, but have not tried winscp, so that looks very interesting :)

    I'll have a hunt about and find some more about that program trace thing - that looks good too

    Meanwhile, it seems my problems might have been caused by a corrupted bf2statistics.php file - wierd as I've no idea how that could have happened.

    So, I've replaced the faulty bf2statistics.php file and tried a few more tests using a standard map inside a 'mod' folder and it seems to be working - I'll keep you posted with how I get on getting bf2statistics to work with the 64 player coop maps, but it's certainly looking more encouraging now.

    Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated :)


    THE_WUQKED New Member

    Even custom maps work at once with bf2statistics. - They are saved as "Unknown Map" then (Map ID 99), so you can't tell a difference between each custom map - same goes for unknown weapons etc. If you want the stats to be saved correctly for each map, you'll need to add them - if you don't care, you don't. It will still work (but not as good then).
    But good to hear, that your stats work now.

    EDIT: If the maps got the same name, you don't need to add anything.
  15. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    And as a sidenote, some medals require time played, so if you have any custom maps, u might need to add them, to get the time registered...

    THE_WUQKED New Member

    According to my experience, not really. The "time played" is still saved, cause the custom map stats are saved under map_id 99 by default. So the "time played" still counts for those maps.
  17. Buran

    Buran New Member

    I'd like to request that support for AI and/or AIX be added to a future version. It's a great mod and really does a lot for those of us who prefer co-op over PvP. Looks like a great utility and I've seen a server or two that uses it already. I'd love to be able to play on my usual server with the ranks working.
  18. Seraphiel

    Seraphiel New Member

    Agreed, I'd love to see support for AIX ^.^

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