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Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by MrNiceGuy, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    All support and questions for BF2Statistics v1.4 goes here.

    Previous thread *Unofficial* bf2statistics v1.3 RC1 can be found here:

  2. SumoWeezle

    SumoWeezle New Member

    Excellent job to all involved in getting this out the door. I look forward to the new features. :)

  3. TK

    TK New Member

    php 4.4.4

    The first item that you may have stumbled across is the method __construct(). This is the new constructor method in PHP 5. In the good old days of PHP 4, constructor names matched their classes. That changed with PHP 5.

    so ...
  4. csuno

    csuno New Member

    there is a mistake in \\bf2statistics_1.4.0\UtilScripts\BF2ProcessGameLog.vbs
    ' Desc:	This script enables/disables the HOSTS file workaround
    '		for BF2 Private Statistics.  It supports dynamic IPs and can
    '		Enable/Disable the entry via way of a runtime argument.
    '		Execution is silent.  Change the string lookup variables to suit.
    This should be:
    This script automatically extracts SNAPSHOT data from your Game Server Debug log.
    The extracted files can then be copied to the logs directory on your Web Server
    for importing...  This is useful for situations where the SNAPSHOT log data failed
    to reach the Gamespy server due to connectivity problems.
    Or is this wrong? YOURS CSUNO

    isnt it better to make a blank new install, of DB and the ASP files? Instead of upgrade them?
    So, i will try to delete the existing DB (with backup, of course!) make a new install of all the BF2stat stuff, and reparse the stored log files!
    Wont, that be the better way? (My BF2STAT 1.3RC1P4 works fine, for now!)

    Please, give me an advice! THX CSUNO
  5. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    Better wait for The Shadow to answer your questions, but about the db, if u already have a db full of data, i would suggest it's better to upgrade it, instead of starting all over as u said. That way you are shure the data isnt "corruped" in any way... [/html]
  6. shadow42

    shadow42 Member

    MrNiceGuy is reight, it IS better to upgrade your DB than re-import all the data. The upgrade simply adds the required fields and tables. Oh, don't forget to backup everything first!! ;)
  7. shadow42

    shadow42 Member

    Doh!! :( Sorry I've been doing my dev on PHP5. Does the config class actually work on PHP 4.x? If not we'll have to redo that for proper PHP4 support.
  8. shadow42

    shadow42 Member

    Oops. You are right... I'll update this for 1.4.1. ;)
  9. shadow42

    shadow42 Member

    PHP 4.3.x Compatibility Update!!!

    In my race to embrace a new configuration management class, I forgot to ensure this was compatible with PHP 4.3.x. Thanks to TK for pointing this out. Anyway, I've made a small change to the /ASP/includes/ustil.php file that should solve this. I'm able to test this, but I'm confident it'll solve this issue. !dodge
  10. Kinsman

    Kinsman New Member

    What web scripts should we be hooking this up to, the old ones?
  11. shadow42

    shadow42 Member

    Should work with any Web Stats system that is compatible with the official stats.
    This includes:
    - Leaderboard
    - Brainpecker BF2 Stats Query
    - BF2Statistics Web stats (out-of-date, but should still work)
    - Others...
  12. TK

    TK New Member

    I'm afraid i will have to dissapoint The Shadow ... simply using overload function will not resolve this :(
  13. shadow42

    shadow42 Member

    :( Do you know an easy way then? I would rather not re-write all of the config management code. :((
    But, if that is what it takes...

    Looks like I'll have to break out a PHP4 dev environment. My apologies to all those PHP4 users. I'll get this fixed ASAP.
  14. thunder

    thunder New Member

    i have a funny prob. .... i can´t access the admin page ... he say:

    ERROR: You are NOT Authorised to access this Page!

    I insert my ip in the _config.php, no effect !

    I use a linux server with apache2 and php Version 4.3.10
    On the local machine i become the same error ....
  15. shadow42

    shadow42 Member

    There is a major bug with the parsing of the config file with PHP4. I'm working on a fix, so this should be sort very soon....
  16. virtualinsanity

    virtualinsanity New Member

    same problem :)
    cant login to webadmin
  17. virtualinsanity

    virtualinsanity New Member

    fixed it by switching from php 4 to php 5
  18. virtualinsanity

    virtualinsanity New Member

    another ptoblem :(
    i had before 1.3RC1P4
    im upgrade my base
    then cleanup my base
    and reimport logs
    not all stats reimported
    in _stats_errors
    many lines with

    2006-10-04 19:19:15 -- ERROR: ERROR: Duplicate entry '29000108-1159964355' for key 1
    Query String: INSERT INTO player_history SET
    id = 29000108,
    timestamp = 1159964355,
    time = 317,
    score = 5,
    cmdscore = 0,
    skillscore = 2,
    teamscore = 3,
    kills = 1,
    deaths = 3,
    rank = 0
    2006-10-04 19:19:16 -- ERROR: ERROR: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '
    `team2` = ,
    `tickets1` = ,
    `tickets2` = ,
    `pids1` = 0,
    `pids1_en' at line 5
    Query String: INSERT INTO round_history SET
    `timestamp` = 1158748203.31,
    `mapid` = 101,
    `time` = 716.830000162,
    `team1` = ,
    `team2` = ,
    `tickets1` = ,
    `tickets2` = ,
    `pids1` = 0,
    `pids1_end` = 0,
    `pids2` = 0,
    `pids2_end` = 0

    2006-10-04 19:19:16 -- SECURITY: SNAPSHOT Data File Processed: BF2-dalian_plant_20060920_1730.txt
  19. Obina

    Obina New Member

    Linux/Unix systems working case sensitive, so you have to rename images/BF2logo.png into images/bf2logo.png...
    just for prevent other questions about the red cross in the left top corner ;-)
  20. shadow42

    shadow42 Member

    This is caused by older snapshot data. I should probaly check for this, but otherwise this is fine, your data will be there.

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