bf2statistics 1.4.2 (FIXES)

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by Batago, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Batago

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    Hi all:


    Unofficial bf2statistics 1.4.2 Bug Fixes powered by unknown

    - Fixed BFHQ missed weapon images, now supports all 12 weapons (previous only 6 weapons shown)
    - Fixed Opponent/Victim kills, now it works correct as in EA rankings
    - Fixed BFHQ missed vehicle leaderboard data timeused/deaths
    - Fixed BFHQ one missed leaderboard player
    - Fixed missed wins/loss bug, if player left before round end his not getting wins or loss for that round.
    - Fixed army best round for Brainpecker query
    - Fixed EU Backend medal bug and criteria
    - Fixed spaces, since start v1.5 patch
    - Fixed bug if player not spawn in is still receiving wins/loss Data
    - Changed kills/deaths insert method and combat scores, by using this better method Total kills/deaths 100% meets Kit's kills/deaths (previous total kills never meet kit kills).
    - Added Highway Tampa/Operation Blue Pearl maps for v1.5 patch
    - Corrected cpNeutralizes/driverAssists keys in snapshot as official
    - Added protection against recording zero time played profiles (not joined players will not be recorded).
    - Fixed BFHQ leaderboard jump to player (previous not work very correctly).
    - Fixed BFHQ bug unlock comes as undefined

  2. unknown

    unknown Member

    That's mine version, but if they make new release I will provide these all bugs.
  3. Batago

    Batago New Member

    if the FilePlanet download x)
  4. bcps

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    thx,it's great to use!

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