Bf2CC servers crashing after few rounds

Discussion in 'BF2 Server Administration' started by Salzstange, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Salzstange

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    Hey there, little problem here again,

    when im running my servers with bf2ccd the servers crashing after a few rounds with the following error (copied out of the log):

    [05.08.2015 18:20:52] SYSTEM Swapping all player teams.
    [05.08.2015 18:20:54] SYSTEM Game status changed to: 3
    [05.08.2015 18:20:54] SYSTEM Game status changed to: 1
    [05.08.2015 18:20:54] SYSTEM Game status changed to: 3
    [05.08.2015 18:20:54] SYSTEM Game status changed to: 1
    [05.08.2015 18:20:55] SYSTEM BF2 process has stopped on Map: sharqi peninsula
    [05.08.2015 18:20:55] SYSTEM Process terminated waiting for 10 seconds before restart.
    [05.08.2015 18:21:05] SYSTEM Server Start Check: Checking RCON port: 6711
    [05.08.2015 18:21:06] SYSTEM Check passed!
    [05.08.2015 18:21:08] SYSTEM Server is starting in NON RANKED mode.

    and then the server is restarting again. This happens on all my servers and when im running them with bf2 server launcher nothing happens and i can play for hours without crash, but then i cant login with any admin tool to manage them.

    idea what this could be?
  2. SharK

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    BF2CCD on what? (Win\Linux ?)
    You can logs entirely?
  3. Salzstange

    Salzstange Member

    Windows Server 2012:


    What do you mean with "you can logs entirely?" ?
  4. Salzstange

    Salzstange Member

    Hey there. I hope someone can help us with this issue. After a long time, we are running our servers again and hardcoded the redirection for the stats in the bf2_w32ded.exe with a hex editor. All is running fine, but the problem that bf2ccd crashing at a map change is still there and we found out, that the redirection from the stats is causing the problem, because no crashes happens with the original bf2_w32ded.exe.

    without bf2ccd is no problem. We are running our Server with the standard bf2 server launcher and there is no problem with the redirection and all is running fine.

    an idea how to fix this? :/


    .NET Framework 1 and SP1 are installed

    Edit: The normal launched servers crashing also, at the end of the whole map circle when the maplist want to start at the beginning :/
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